LANDER Full Movie

LANDER Breakdown

Lander is my latest personal project, a 5 mins sc-ifi action CG short. This film has been in production for almost a year and half. I’ve been trying really hard to push myself by taking on most aspects of the production, from asset, animation all the way to compositing and sound mixing.

The majority of this film is rendered in Unreal Engine real time, composited with elements rendered from Vray for final. Having gone through countless technique difficulties and creative challenges, the final film has exceeded my expectations. I'm really proud to be able to share with you my work and I hope you enjoy it.

Great thanks to @Ben Erdt and @Perry Leijten for sharing the humanoid character rig&asset in this film. Also @Vick Gaza and Perry for the big monster asset. Their work on characters are just mind blowing. Make sure to check out their artstation website.

Ben Erdt -
Vick Gaza -
Perry Leijten -

Shaobo Zhang - music