Full Film - The Pantheon

The Pantheon - Full Movie

I'm really excited to share my latest film The Pantheon!
This film has been in production for almost a year. After releasing the last short The Lander, feedback from the creative community was overwhelmingly positive. With the experience of producing The Lander, Pantheon is a new exploration in different genres and overall upgrade to the workflow and visual fidelity, UE4 is still used to render 90% of the shots.

Being able to utilize motion capture really brought the characters to life and allowed the design of complex action fighting sequences. Music and sound design also helped to immerse the audience into the film’s magic world.

Hope you guys enjoyed the film! Thanks to everyone who's involved to bring this project to life!

Directed by Han Yang
Special Thanks: David Jiang, Mengyu Zhang
Music by Andrea Bellucci
Sound VFX: Francois Huber, Maria Camarena, Chengshuo Hou, Ziting Zhao