PROJECT EMBERS | Descending (UE5 + Metahuman Short Film) Official

Project Ember - Descending is out! Story continues for my UE short film series. Check out last 2 episodes here.

Descending is the ACT 1 of a much bigger story, we will reveal the rest in the next coming months. I’m really happy to be able to do short film full-time. Have the creative freedom, take risks, and really pushed my cinematic skills in Unreal Engine. I didn’t want to hide anything this time, push the limit with UE5+MetaHuman. Everything was rendered straight out of UE5, really proud of the final result.  

I’m blessed to be surrounded by the most talented artists in the industry. Mateus Kurzhals did an awesome job on the environment, make sure to check out his personal work here ( Andrea Bellucci's music really brought another level of tension into the story, just purely amazed by how talented he is. Eddie Hou did a phenomenal job on the sound design, detailed and realistic. 

David JIang, Junio Oliviera, Daniel Piero delivered high-quality rigs that fully compatible with Unreal cinematic workflow. If you need any rigging + TD help, hit us up ( 

A bit more behind the scene, animation was mostly done in maya + xsens. Facial all animated in Unreal (edit from iPhone capture). Overall took about 7 weeks to finish. We are cooking something bigger scope, so stay tuned and feel free to reach out if you want to know more about our work.

Han Yang: Director + Creator
David Jiang: Character lead
Eugene Flormata: UE Consultation
Chengshuo Hou: Sound Design + Mixer
Andrea Bellucci: Music Composing
Daniel Piero: Rigging
Junio Oliviera: Rigging

Find out more project detail on my Artstation + Twitter

Youtube: HanYang CG